I hate, therefore I am

An out-of-control pandemic has broken down social order. What’s left of humanity lives in isolated cities controlled by the military. You and your partner are smugglers based in Boston, bringing illicit drugs, weapons and supplies into the quarantine zone. A local resistance group, decimated by the military, asks you to smuggle something valuable out ofContinue reading “I hate, therefore I am”

A love letter

Some things I’ve learned about my girl: Her morning smiles are the best, open-mouth and ear-to-ear, just so happy to be here, and to see you.  She is an incredibly social being. Has been since day one. Staring intently at faces, giving out smiles. Her conversation consists of animated babbles. Ardent “gaaaaahs!” followed by squealsContinue reading “A love letter”

I accidentally broke the news of James Foley’s death to his brother

It started as a flurry of messages on Twitter, as it always does these days. It was on Tuesday, last week, fairly late in the day. I was compulsively checking Twitter. A Turkish activist I follow was appealing to people: don’t post the link to the beheading on Twitter. Someone from a prominent Syrian oppositionContinue reading “I accidentally broke the news of James Foley’s death to his brother”

Would you, kindly, shut the fuck up

Okay, I really don’t mean that. But it’s hard not to FEEL that sometimes. I am exhausted by you, Facebook. Blood, ignorance, death, malice. Did you know that the death toll in Syria surpassed 170,000 people this month? I didn’t either. I had to look it up. No, my Facebook feed has been dominated by the Gaza war,Continue reading “Would you, kindly, shut the fuck up”

Hello, I’m Canadian. Feel free to take my seat.

The bus ride from New York to Toronto is long and painful. There’s just no way to make a 12-hour ride in one-seat without (functional) internet comfortable. Also, if you’re like me – and you can’t sleep on buses – then you’re stuck with 12 conscious hours during the day. So, of course, inevitably youContinue reading “Hello, I’m Canadian. Feel free to take my seat.”

Why baseball doesn’t suck

So, now and then, someone will ask me about sports. Something along the lines of What sports do you like? Which are your favourite? Which have you played? Now as a not particularly athletic Jewish guy, those were always tough questions. I could say “I used to play soccer” or “I used to play basketball”Continue reading “Why baseball doesn’t suck”