Would you, kindly, shut the fuck up

Okay, I really don’t mean that. But it’s hard not to FEEL that sometimes. I am exhausted by you, Facebook. Blood, ignorance, death, malice. Did you know that the death toll in Syria surpassed 170,000 people this month? I didn’t either. I had to look it up. No, my Facebook feed has been dominated by the Gaza war,Continue reading “Would you, kindly, shut the fuck up”

Where does the bus go?

“Where does the bus go?” she says in Hebrew. The elderly woman, sitting in the row in front of me, interrupts my train of thought and I try to stammer out a reply in Hebrew. “Tachanah merkazit.” The central bus station, though I hate saying it, because the way I pronounce the ‘r’ quickly identifiesContinue reading “Where does the bus go?”